Ed’s Frog Adventures will help you to find, identify and learn about 20  eastern Australian frog species.

Ed’s Frog Adventures makes learning about a selection of Australian frogs engaging and accessible to wildlife explorers of all ages!

Ed the Frog will provide users with a virtual tour of the exciting world of frogs, with information about each of 20 species, where you may find them in your area and what each frog sounds like.

Also included is the Frog Hunt collecting game, where users can try their hand at finding all 20 of the included frogs to receive a special surprise from Ed the Frog.

Ed’s Frog Adventures also provides a portal to current distribution maps to inform you about the species which are known to occur in your region. 

Inquisitive learners can also email Ed the Frog with their frog questions.

Ninox Pursuits also offers complementary teaching notes and advice on how to use this app effectively to help young learners gain a better understanding of the world of frogs and their natural environment.

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