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Birdlife Australia

Publications include Emu and Australian Field Ornithology.

Birdlife Australia caters for a range of field activities such as weekday outings, junior birdwatchers and a range of regional subgroups as well as the scientific community.

Field Naturalists Club of Victoria

For people with a love and passion for Nature in all its forms

Meet with like-minded people

Go on field trips (short and long) to observe creatures, plants, fungi, geological features and more, all in the wild

Participate in surveys to collect data which is used to increase scientific knowledge and for environmental issues

Receive their world class journal — The Victorian Naturalist — and a monthly newsletter

Have access to an extensive library

All age groups welcome including juniors

All knowledge levels catered for

All this in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Melbourne Water Frog watch Program

Frogs are widely regarded as indicators of habitat health and programs such as Melbourne Water’s Frog Watch Program provide systematic long term monitoring of frog populations around Melbourne.

The Owl Pages

An encyclopedic source of information.

Owls of the world, photos, physiology, articles, mythology and lots more.